About Us

Leading the Way in Solar Energy

Accurate Electric's Story

Accurate Electric LLC (dba) Accurate Energy is proud to be on the cutting edge in the solar energy industry. It takes pride in performing on the highest level of sophistication to a wide range of electrical contracting and solar energy communities. Our company demonstrates an impressive commitment to excellence, providing our valued customers with top-quality electrical contracting services and advanced solar energy solutions. Serving the 5 boroughs of New York, including Nassau and Suffolk Counties, our dedicated electrical engineers, architects, office support staff, and skilled field technicians work tirelessly to ensure seamless project execution and complete customer satisfaction. Trust Accurate Electric/Energy for all your electrical and solar energy needs.

Our Vision

Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow

At Accurate Electric, our vision is to shape a sustainable tomorrow by harnessing the power of solar energy. We believe in a world where clean, renewable energy is accessible to all, leading to reduced carbon emissions and a healthier planet for future generations. We strive to be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, driving innovation and promoting widespread adoption of solar technology.

Our Mission

Delivering Excellence in Solar Solutions

Our mission is to deliver excellence in every aspect of our solar solutions. From meticulous design to flawless installation and comprehensive maintenance, we ensure our clients receive the highest quality service and outstanding results. We are dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and communities transition to sustainable energy sources, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Team

Expertise You Can Trust

At Accurate Electric, our team is our greatest asset. Comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. Our engineers, designers, technicians, and support staff work seamlessly together, utilizing the latest technologies and industry best practices. We are passionate about solar energy and strive for continuous improvement to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Values

Integrity and Customer Satisfaction


We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our solar solutions, ensuring top-quality service and outstanding results.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, maintaining transparency and honesty in all our interactions and business practices.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We listen actively, understand needs, and provide personalized solutions that exceed expectations.


 We believe in the power of collaboration and work closely with our clients, partners, and team members to achieve mutual success and create lasting relationships.


We embrace innovation and continuously strive for improvement, staying at the forefront of industry advancements to provide cutting-edge solar solutions.

Environmental Stewardship

We are passionate about environmental stewardship and are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainability, and preserving our planet for future generations.

Let's Power Your Future

Are you ready to embrace the benefits of solar energy? Contact us today to discuss your solar project and explore how Accurate Electric can help you achieve your energy goals. Our dedicated team is eager to provide you with a tailored solar solution that maximizes efficiency, minimizes costs, and contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.